2023 pet related dates

Check out these pet related dates. Great for celebrating our furry friends, raising awareness of issues, or just a great excuse for a bit of fun! 


🐾14th - Dress up your pet day

😺14th - Answer your cat's question day 

🐾24th - Change a pet's life day


🐶3rd - Doggy day night

🐾14th - Pet theft awareness day

🐾20th - Love your pet day

🐶22nd - Walk your dog day

🐶23rd - Dog biscuit appreciation day

🐾28th - World Spay day


😺2nd - Rescue cat day

🐶13th - K9 veteran day

🐶14th - Dog theft awareness day

🐶20th - Dogs in yellow day (for anxious dogs)

🐶23rd - Puppy day

😺23rd - Cuddly kitten day

😺28th - Respect your cat day


🐶2nd - Don't walk your dog day 

🐶8th - Dog fighting awareness day

🐶10th - Hug your dog day

🐾11th - Pet day

🐹12th- Hamster Day

🐶11th - Dog therapy appreciation day

🐾18th - Pet owners Independence Day

😺19th - Cat lady day

🐶19th - Dog parent appreciation day

🐶23rd - Lost dog awareness day

🐶28th - Guide dog day

🐾30th - Adopt a shelter pet day

🐾30th - Pet parents day

🐾30th  - Therapy animal day


🐶1st - Purebreed dog day

🐶2nd - Mayday for mutts

🐶8th - Dog mum day

🐶20th - Rescue dog day

🐶29th - Dog friendly day


😺4th - Hug your cat day

🐾9th - Pet memorial day

🐶18th - Dog party day

😺21st - Take your cat to work day

 🐶25th - Take your dog to work day


🐾1st - ID your pet day

🐾15th - Pet fire safety day

🐹16th - Guinea pig awareness day

🐾21st - Craft for your local shelters day

🐶26th - Dog photography day

🐶31st - Mutt day


😺8th - Cat day

🐶10th - Spoil your dog day

😺17th - Black cat appreciation day

🐾21st - Homeless animals day

😺22nd - Take your cat to the vet day

🐶23rd - Blind dog day

🐶26th - Dog day

🐾28th - Rainbow bridge remembrance day

🐾30th - Holistic pet day


🐶8th - Dog walker appreciation day

🐾11th - Pet memorial day

🐶11th - Hug your hound day

🐶17th - Puppy mill awareness day

🐶17th - Responsible dog ownership day

🐶23rd - Dogs in politics day

🐰23rd - Rabbit day (Fourth Saturday of September)


🐶1st - Fire Pup Day

🐶1st - Black dog day

🐾4th - Animal day

🐾13th - Pet obesity awareness day

🐶15th - Fetch day

😺16th - Global cat day

🐾21st - Pets for Veterans Day

🐶22nd - Make a dog's day

😺27th - Black cat day

😺29th - Cat day


🐶1st - Cook for your pets day 

🐶7th - Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day


🐾2nd - National Mutt Day (second one of the year)

🐾9th - International Day of Veterinary Medicine

🐾10th - Animal Rights Day




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