25 popular female cat names with meanings

pink pretty cat photo

If you're looking for a name for your new female cat check out these popular names and their meanings:

Bella - beautiful

Cleo - glory


Coco - chocolate bean

Daisy - day's eye

Kitty - kitten

Lily - pure, innocence 

Lolalady of sorrows, young lady

Lucy - light

Luna - moon

Millie - gentle strength, strong in work

Mollie - star of the sea

Nala - successful, beloved, queen

Olive - olive tree

Penny - weaver

Pepper - hot spice

Princess - royalty

Poppy - poppy flower

Pumpkin - round

Rosie - rose

Stella - star

Sophie - wisdom

Tillymighty in battle

Willow - from willow tree, freedom, elegance, grace

Zoey - life 

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