25 popular male cat names with meanings

If you're looking for a name for your new male cat check out these popular names and their meanings:

cat on blue background

Binx - God's gift, fairy/elf

Buddy - friend

Charlie - free man

Gus - Majestic

Finn - fair, white

Henry - ruler of the house

Jack - God is gracious

Jasper - treasure, bringer of treasure

Leo - lion

Louis - famous warrior

Loki - Norse god of mischief

Felix - happy, fortunate

Max - the greatest 

Milo - solider, merciful

Oliverolive tree

Ollie - olive tree, elf army

Oreo - gold

Oscar - God spear, deer-lover, champion warrior

Salem - safe, peace

Simba - lion

Simon - listen, hearing

Smokey - smoke colour

Tiger - powerful cat

Toby - God is good

Winston - joyful stone




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